The Sunlight Spear

The Sunlight Spear is a powerful weapon created and blessed by Solaire, God of the Sun. The weapon is normally kept by Ezra, the Solarch, where it is fully powered, but is currently in possession of Easy company, in a weakened state.

In addition to the normal statistics for a Spear, it has the following properties:

Light The Sunlight Spear constantly emanates lights as the Light cantrip. This cannot be turned off, but the spear can be covered to block the light.

Spellcasting The Sunlight Spear has 5 charges, regaining 1d4+1 each day at dawn.
1 Charge: Casts Gudiing Bolt as a 1st level spell, with a +6 modifier to hit.
2 Charges: Casts Spiritual Weapon, always creating a Spear, with a +6 to hit and +4 to damage.
5 Charges: Casts Fireball as a 3rd level spell, with a DC 14.

The Sunlight Spear

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