Morathi the Bleak Emchantress

Dariel's evil mother




The mother of Dariel D’Evangeline, Morathi taught the young elf everything she knows about magic, with some input from her late father. Throughout Dariel’s youth, Morathi was occasionally prone to violent outbursts or trance-like states of premonition full of violent, war-torn futures. Morathi tried to hide the episodes from her daughter, but they only grew worse after Lokethys’ death.

The day after Deksis’ war plan went public, Morathi disappeared, leaving only a note for her daughter saying it was for her protection. Afterwards, rumors spread of a terrifying elven witch matching Morathi’s description wreaks g havoc and commuting terrible deeds. But… It couldn’t be Morathi. Dariel’s mother was a kind soul, right?

Morathi the Bleak Emchantress

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