Vampire patron of Thaman


Melkhior is an Ancient vampire who used be active in the Zgoli Peninsula. Decades ago, he seemingly disappeared. The fact that this coincided with Wuenguaveneur‘s increased presence in the region has led many to believe that he was defeated by the dragon, or otherwise scared of the beast.
Melkhior was not known to be cruel or savage, and often went forgotten about. Some reports claim the vampire had a scholarly demeanor, but it is doubted that any who met the vampire would be able to give an honest retelling of their tale, as those that Melkhior did not feed upon were often returned to the world under the effects of powerful charms, glamours, and other enchantments.
Currently, the only thing known of Melkhior’s location is that he inhabits the swamp in the Peninsula.

Upon Thaman‘s death, Easy Company found he could not be raised from the dead. Upon use of a Speak With Dead spell, Thaman’s corpse theorized that Melkhior was perhaps holding his soul, and that he could be found in the swamp by “following the rot.”


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