Vampire patron of Thaman


Melkhior is an Ancient vampire who used be active in the Zgoli Peninsula. Decades ago, he seemingly disappeared. The fact that this coincided with Wuenguaveneur‘s increased presence in the region has led many to believe that he was defeated by the dragon, or otherwise scared of the beast.
Melkhior was not known to be cruel or savage, and often went forgotten about. Some reports claim the vampire had a scholarly demeanor, but it is doubted that any who met the vampire would be able to give an honest retelling of their tale, as those that Melkhior did not feed upon were often returned to the world under the effects of powerful charms, glamours, and other enchantments.
Currently, the only thing known of Melkhior’s location is that he inhabits the swamp in the Peninsula.

Upon Thaman‘s death, Easy Company found he could not be raised from the dead. Upon use of a Speak With Dead spell, Thaman’s corpse theorized that Melkhior was perhaps holding his soul, and that he could be found in the swamp by “following the rot.”

From Melkhior’s Journals:
This very peninsula once held a powerful kingdom called Lahmia. Lahmia was advanced, for it’s time, in the studies of magic. Lahmian society was very stratified; everyone had a role. I recall that women were not allowed to practice magic, and Necromancy was punished by execution. Very old times. I had long since ascended to Vampirism bu the time I was ordained High Arcanist, and was the tutor to the royal family. They had a daughter- Neferata. I was her tutor but forbidden to instruct her in the arcane arts. I, of course, refused, and brought her up to be one ot the most powerful wizards I’ve ever known. She discovered my undead nature, and attempted to use Necromancy to force my soul back into my body to “make me whole” again. The attempt did not end well, though it was partially successful. But it was a grand display of power, and she was unable to hide it from her people. They executed her, and weak as I had been rendered, I could do little stop it.
Neferata was a daughter to me- more so than she was to the old King. I tried for years to bring her back, but Khada’s binds were too powerful, and she was lost to me. When I gave in, I slew the King and raised his kingdom to ash. Now I am on the cusp of divinity, and will prevent all death across the world. Perhaps I can even be reunited with my dear Neferata?


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