Zemault is a small town east of Orran. Largely a farming community, Zemault’s only notable feature is a mysterious Obelisk on the north side of town. the townsfolk know nothing about the Obelisk, and treat it as a community gathering space.

When investigated by Easy company, the Obelisk was found to be covered by numerous runes and sigils, visible only with a Detect Magic spell. At the base of the Obelisk is a hand-shaped rune that when touched, causes the sigils to be visible to all others.

The pillar of the obelisk itself is covered in runes both of Arcane and Divine meaning, and seems to be a portion of a large spell scroll. The back of the Obelisk’s base is covered in geometric lines that when viewed from the right angle become a map of the northern half of Drachma, with certain areas represented as glowing dots, among them Zemault.

When the Detect Magic spell ends, an array of lines in a three-dimensional grid can be seen for a moment, before fading. The true purpose of the grid is unknown.


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