Wuenguaveneur, Tyrant of Zgolj

“Deksis may be a god, but he’s no Dragon.” -Wuenguavaneur

Wuenguaveneur (WEN-guav-enn-nyur) is an Ancient Black Dragon that holds domain over the entire swamp that blankets the southern half of the Zgolj peninsula. His lair is in a cave protected by a large city of black-scaled Kobolds in the northern edge of the swamp, relatively near Veilkapf Keep.

Easy Company discovered the dragon during the Battle of Veilkapf Keep while attempting to disrupt the anti-magic field of Deksis’s Army. Led to the “Kobold King” by a small group of Kobolds, Easy Company immediately realized the danger they were in. Wuenguaveneur demanded a powerful item in exchange for safe passage through his domain, specifically asking for the Shield of Deksis. After the party refused the offer, he instead took Soren as his prize, marking the dwarf with a black scar on his chest and establishing a telepathic link through which Wuenguaveneur can perceive through Soren’s senses, communicate, and inflict psychic damage.

The druid woman Ashla appears to be working in opposition of Wuenguaveneur, seeking out Soren far to the north in an apparent attempt to weaken the dragon by killing one of his servants.

Wuenguaveneur, Tyrant of Zgolj

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