Stoneharbour exists in the northern reaches of Athoria at the mouth of the Westrun River. Though it is not the capital of Athoria, it is the largest city in the country.

This bay city represents a perfect picture of the cooperation of dwarven craftsmanship and human ingenuity. The dwarves of Vouri Peak work in tandem with a small group of trading guilds to bring about a mercantile city that rivals even Ledevic. The only thing that continually holds this great city back is a large number of sharp, deadly rocks in the natural bay the city sits in. To counteract this, the city has erected a monumental feat of engineering: the Majak Lighthouse. Its flame shines across the harbor, illuminating the rocks within and allowing safe passage to vessels in its waters. So important is this Lighthouse, in fact, that the dwarven Clan Majak was formed specifically to keep it working.

Due to its heavy reliance on creation and physical worksmanship, Stoneharbour’s citizenry views magic with vague contempt, finding it a lazier way of accomplishing otherwise mundane tasks. Despite this, it houses one of the better-known magical universities, the Green Towers, though the students often stay within campus grounds due to the attitudes of the city.

Stoneharbour trades extensively with Correlhome, Luxom, Aransas, Ledevic, and Imikari.


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