Orran is a highly vertical city dedicated to Orra, Goddess of Crafting. It is built into the side of a tall mountain, and extends from the valley below onto the slope. To compensate for a relatively small stable area on which to build structures, Orran has immense platforms anchored to the mountainside, held in suspension by powerful chains.

Due to its economic focus on crafting and constructing, Orran is one of the few cities in Drachma in which Magic Items can be found relatively easy, especially utility-oriented items such as Slippers of Spider Climbing.

Orran is also one of the few cities not under the jurisdiction of any nation. Rather, it sits in the northern reaches of the Kingless Zgolj peninsula. Orran can be considered a sort of regional capital of the peninsula, being the largest city in the region and the gateway to the rest of Northern Drachma on the Palec River.

Orran has been facing an influx of immigration in the past few months, as residents of Imikari, Denda, and Zemstra scatter from their homelands to escape the impending war.


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