Deksis, God of War


Domain. War
Origins. Deksis is one of three once-mortal brothers. Each of the brothers grew to be a leader in their own right, each of a different group. When Dethkar insulted Deksis, the latter declared war against the offender. The two factions fought for many years, until eventually the two brothers met on the battlefield. Deksis insisted they fight unarmed to settle the dispute honorably once and for all, though not to the death. Dethkar accepted, and fought his brother. Deksis was on the winning end of the fight easily, but just before the final blow was struck, Dethkar pulled a knife from his belt and stabbed his brother. In the moment before his death, Deksis ascended as the God of War.
Appearance. Nothing is known about the God of War’s appearance while he was mortal except that he was very muscular with dark-brown hair. As a deity, he never doffs his gleaming silver platemail or visored helmet, so his appearance is unknown.
Symbol. Two swords parallel to each other, one pointed up, one pointed down.
Doctrine. Combat is a perfectly viable and often preferable way to solve disputes, as long as it is done so honorably.
Tenets. Conflict is a natural way to settle things, and should not be interfered with. All fights should be honorable; if a foe is unarmed, they must be given a weapon before combat begins.

Code of Honor

Deksis insists on honorable combat both in military operations and in personal duels.

In War
  • Locations are to be won, controlled, and held. Looting and raiding is the domain of marauders, not soldiers.
  • Medical organizations and healers are to be allowed to do their job. Recovery camps, hospitals, and healers should not be attacked in wartime.
  • Respect your superiors, but do not follow detrimental orders.
  • If command is lost, take command
  • Never surrender, but do not let yourself be slaughtered
In Personal Combat
  • Never attack defenseless person
  • If a duel is to have rules, they shall be known to everyone involved
  • Either kill your opponent quickly, or be killed yourself. Do not play with your foe.
  • The rewards of the combat, if any, are to be surrendered without question; what is won in combat is won.

Deksis, God of War

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