Argram Ilvutar

High-level Wizard, right-hand to Commander Vashus


Argram Ilvutar is a powerful mage, who served as Court Wizard to the King of Illuskarn, Eobard Tresander, before joining the Coalition against the armies raised by the mad wargod Deksis. Before beginning his illustrious position as Court Wizard, Ilvutar was a graduate of the Far Arcana mages’ college, and from there made his name and fortune as an adventurer-archaeologist, uncovering lost relics and powers.

At first, Ilvutar only served to offer minor magical assistance, such as teleporting the party to the Northern Reliquary. As both time and the war progressed, however, he became more and more active in Easy Company‘s activities, offering them advice and directing their course of action. Perhaps he’ll join them for a field mission someday, instead of using Divination from safe inside Ledevic’s walls?


Argram Ilvutar

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