Wrath of the War God

Melkhior's Downfall: The Hunt for Morathi
Ending the Enchantress!

After discovering that Melkhior had lieutenants supposedly as powerful as Maxwell Wood, Easy Company decided that they should eliminate at least one of these threats before facing off against the Vampire himself. Coinciding with this information is the return of Mortimer, who had scouted out the city of Arbor Dell for rumours of necromancy, and found a town consumed by an army of undead.
After a brief conversation via Sending and Scry spells with Dariel, who also scouted the town earlier, Easy Company met with a Paladin of Desidius named Elwey, who agreed to help save Dariel and slay Morathi. The group then set out only to be ambushed by a defense group of undead, including a skeletal camel hiding in a tree. After dispatching the undead, Easy Company avoided further undead patrols on their way to the city, and began an assault on the city.
Among the undead army in Arbor Dell was a large creature of composite flesh stitched together into humanoid form. The monster was wearing a large black cloak and wore a bone helmet shaped very similarly to Thaman’s old helm.
After a pitched battle involving an enormous wall of swords and a Cloudkill spell, the party eventually stabilized the battlefield in their favor, and an (OVERPOWERED) Dawn spell mostly cleared the army of zombies in the town square. At this time, Morathi herself appeared, and attempted to reduce Aloric’s mind to the rough equivalent of a world-weary garden lizard, but unfortunately the spell failed. Using teleportation magic to get out of the line of fire, Morathi was cornered by Xath and Elway while the rest of the group worked to slay the Brutalizer of Melkhior. A combination of spells and critical hits tore through the Brutalizer’s flesh, until it decided it could tank an array of Attacks of Opportunity in order to move in and attack Cirla. Instead, a Golden Coin, animated by Cirla, critically struck the Brutalizer, bypassing its Undead Fortitude and killing it.
Meanwhile, Elway avoided Morathi’s Enchantment tricks, and was able to strike the Bleak Enchantress down with a critical hit.

Melkhior's Downfall: Slaying the Storm pt. 2
A Thunderous Finish!

As the battle against the Blue Dragon continued, Billy found his way onto the dragon’s back via Misty Step, delivering a hefty Booming Blade. The dragon dove into the water to counteract this, and electrified a large portion of the water around him, while simultaneously summoning two draconic-shaped Elementals, and later, three large Cyclones. While some members dealt with the Elementals or recovered some damage, Billy kept focus on the dragon, though he got tossed about by some Cyclones.
Eventually, the dragon erupted from the water and delivered a tremendous Lightning Breath along one of the numerous straight-line walkways. Xath, however, used the dragon’s positioning to trap him in a large icy sphere conjured by his newly-awakened Ring of Water Elemental Command. The Dragon clawed its way out of the sphere with time, but spent his turn doing so. As the party re-positioned to avoid another line of the Breath Weapon. However, they set themselves up: the new formation was just a line from a different angle, and the Dragon took advantage to blast the 4 of them with another Lightning Breath (Xath was far and away from the party- completely avoiding the threat of lines).
The lightning felled the two clerics, and as it began circling for the kill, it was Billy “Two-Timing” Frederico who put the beast down. Repeating his earlier maneuver, Billy teleported above the dragon, striking its face and carving down its chest and neck with a critical Booming Blade Sneak Attack, using the momentum of the impact to swing back up and over onto the dragon’s shoulders. As the dragon thrashed and fought to cling to life, the Archpaladin of Anders cooly slid down its back and off its whipping tail, landing gracefully on a platform below.
Going through the hoard, there were a variety of items, some as ridiculous as others were useful, including the Legendary-rarity Wand of Create Wand.

Melkhior's Downfall: Slaying the Storm pt. 1
Fight With a Dragon!

The battle with the Blue Dragon [name unknown] has begun!
Easy Company, after coming up with a relatively quick battle plan, left Wallace behind to keep him out of danger, under the guise of ‘watching for bad guys flanking us’. Combining a Water Walk spell and Pass Without Trace after a small round of buffs, the party split- Aloric swimming below towards the sunken city, the rest climbing the cliffs and moving up, around, and back to the water, as the Dragon sunbathed on a citadel.

Coming close to, but avoiding, detection, Easy Company snuck into the citadel below the dragon as Aloric cast his signature spell, {UNLIMITED CRABFEST} to cause a distraction via crawdads on a half-submerged Deksis ship that’s been beached (or seemingly dropped) on one of the city’s spires. As the dragon and its kobold minions investigated and began eating, Aloric activated the spell’s full effect, turning the harmless crustaceans into a swarm of snipping pincers.

The first round of combat kicked off with huge damage done to the Dragon, though it retaliated by stealing Farah into the air before tail-punting her onto a stone platform below. As the fight continued, the Dragon made its way into the citadel with others, making use of its mobility, breath weapon, and lair actions to get around the Shield of Deksis’s defenses while getting consistent damage in against the party. But for each hit it dealt, it took one in turn; the fight so far has been rather evenly matched, but only one Breath Weapon has been used so far, and it dealt 73 damage (though its victims only took half damage).

Next week continues the struggle. The party still has spell slots available, but the dragon is nowhere near death, and has a Lightning Breath charged and ready to fire.

Melkhior's Downfall: Contest of the Sun and Wallace's River
Earning a Spear and Meeting a Friend

At the Temple of the Sky, Easy Company met with Solarch Ezra in the hopes of acquiring the Sunlight Spear, a powerful weapon that holds a concentrated piece of the sun’s might. Ezra echoed what she told the group the first time they met- powerful artifacts ought to be earned, not given. To that end, a duel was decided on as the prof of worth.
Meeting on the stone roof of the cathedral, directly under to Sky Sphere itself, Easy Company fought with Ezra, Kalameet standing in for an unarmored Aloric. A difficult fight made even more so by several successful Hold Person castings, Easy Company eventually prevailed and claimed their prize, which Farah attuned to.

Returning to Ledevic to collect Aloric‘s armor and other supplies, Easy Company met with Argrum Ilvutar, who scolded them harshly on the summoning of the Kraken. The economic instability of the change could lead to a brand new war after the Coalition’s efforts against Deksis, thus ensuring the wargod’s victory even if he lost the physical battle. During the meeting, Kalameet parted ways with Easy Company to join a reforming Daring Company, possibly joining the gunslinger Johnathon and the former Easy member Lander.

Once again traveling to Dolar, with the plan to sail south on the River Alarn, Easy Company met the young Solairian acolyte Wallace Cartwright, who had become enamored with the group through stories told of their exploits. Agreeing to take him on, they began traveling towards Heiros, nearly a month’s travel away.
After several days travel and the sighting of a large winged creature, bypassing a landslide, and several conversations regarding humor, religion, and gambling, Easy Company was attacked by an enormous winged beast. Possessing the body of a lion, albeit with black fur, and the head, wings, and claws of an enormous fowl, the Cockatrice began its hunt by turning Aloric and Billy to stone with its petrifying breath. Before the battle could escalate further, a series of devastating attacks, including a critical hit fromXath, slayed the beast. Eventually working out that its saliva and digestive fluids could cure the petrification, Aloric and Billy were freed and the beast’s body was harvested.

Days after that, Easy Company hit the mouth of the river, catching sight of the half-sunken river of Heiros to the west.

Invasion of Berg: Denoument and Gilmore
Resurrections and Recuperation

After felling Lord-Commander Rialto, the Kraken finished the last of the ships it intended to destroy, and approached Easy Company on the Osprey. Initially fearing it was moving to attack them as well, their worried proved unfounded as it reiterated its price: It would now live in the harbour and charge a toll for every ship to pass overhead, except for the Osprey and Easy Company.
Easy Company prevented the ships captured in the harbour from wandering out to the Kraken’s territory, and then docked, briefly meeting with Callous Company. They went to speak with the Tiger’s Eye, who now revealed his true Tabaxi form to them. Overjoyed at the successful capture of “his” Osprey and the special privileges that ship has regarding the Kraken, the Tiger’s Eye offered Easy Company honorary membership with the Clawfoots, full access to their tunnels and wares, and some extra gold.
Next, Easy Company met with Commander Ta’a Isshard, the leader of the Coalition forces throughout the invasion. After learning that a new wave of reinforcements practically guaranteed the security of Berg, now that the fleet transferring troops was destroyed, Easy Company enjoyed several days of well-earned rest.
During this time, Aloric was able to discover some things about the nature of the binding preventing Farah‘s resurrection, called a Khadan Cross. Using a scroll recovered from the Ordained, Aloric cast the Hallow spell on Farah, effectively reversing the Cross’s effects and allowing him to revive her.
No sooner did she awaken than Aloric dropped, nearly dead. He met with Khada, who stressed that he disapproved of Aloric‘s rampant use of resurrection magic, especially when that magic is preceded by an effective desecration of a Khadan ritual. The diety reminded Aloric that he was not the God of Death, but rather Death itself. Under the threat of killing not only Aloric’s body, but his soul as well, Khada reduced the deadline to slay Melkhior to a mere ninety days.

In the wake of this development, Easy Company teleported to the Northern Reliquary Library, but were unable to learn much more about Melkhior than they already knew. However, they recovered a few sigil sequences for Teleportation Circles. Once again they teleported to Ledevic, and did quite a lot of shopping with Gilmore before taking a trip to the Temple of the Sky in Dolar.
There, Easy Company met with Solarch Ezra, who has known about Melkhior for some time. Farah asked to use the Sunlight Spear against the vampire, but Ezra reiterated a philosophy she told a different Easy Company nearly a year ago; powerful artifacts, especially weapons, should be won, not given or borrowed. To demonstrate this, she coaxed Farah to challenge her to a battle. If Easy Company is able to best the Solarch, they will once again win possession of the Sunlight Spear, this time in the hands of a Solarian priestess.

Invasion of Berg: Death Ordained pt. 2

The battle on the Ordained raged on. As the War Priest and Content Not Found: null futile attempted to remain relevant in the fight, Lord-Commander Rialto and his counter-boarding party pushed their way through the Osprey’s defenses. As the fight continued, the Waverunner, a Deksis ship Easy Company had tricked into believing they were also Deksis troops, arrived at the fight, seemingly to offer help. Unfortunately for them, a prisoner the Waverunner had taken had escaped and was running amok with some sort of hand-held cannon.
A turning point in the battle came when a confident Rialto was subjected to a Hypnotic Pattern spell and his fellows were cut down around him. As the spell neared its end, Easy Company fired one round of Broadsides against the Ordained, sealing its fate even further.
Rialto awoke at the spell’s end and began weaving his way through the battlefield, displaying surprising ability as nearly each stop in his movement was accompanied by placing one of his Ice Statues, while he also warded off the ranged fighters with the Shield of Deksis. It wasn’t long before the Lord-Commander claimed another life; a critical hit affording him a third attack, which allowed him to strike down Billy “Two-Timing” Federico.
Thankfully, most gods agree death is a temporary setback, and Aloric was able to revive him.
Despite his high health and 5 attack/round, Easy Company was eventually able to subdue him, helped with a couple of critical hits. It was Xath who finished the fight, shooting Rialto through the eye. To be sure, the newcomer with the cannon, Johnathon, fired a shot though Rialto’s mouth as well.
During the wrap-up, Easy Company recovered a mysterious hammer from the sinking Ordained as well as some relatively minor magical treasure and several expensive diamonds, as well as Rialto’s Dragonscale Plate armor, his sword Winter’s Dance, and of course, the Shield of Deksis once more.

Invasion of Berg: Death Ordained pt. 1
Death Ordained pt. 1

With the Osprey repaired and their trap set, Easy Company drifted at the Ordained ready for combat. As they neared,Xath and Billy set off their trap, blowing out huge portions of the hull below the waterline. Just as the crew began moving in for repairs, the Osprey, with its Wall of Force shield, rammed the Ordained, its prow bursting through the hull and serving as a makeshift support for the crippled larger ship.

Xath set a trap for the incoming repairmen as Billy began moving topside while Farah boarded the Ordained. At the same time, some soldiers from the Ordained hit the deck of the Osprey and engaged Easy Company.

While Easy Company fended off the boarding party with their swarm of Animated Coins and Reanimated Zombies, Farah held her own as long as possible amidst the swarm of soldiers, even facing off against Lord-Commander Rialto.

The curious tiefling Carrion andContent Not Found: null teleported onto the Osprey, further complicating matters. Sadly, just before Carrion was struck down by a frantic Billy, Farah was struck down and killed by Rialto.

As the session came to a close, Rialto landed on the deck of the Osprey, with most of his army of knights soon to follow from the Ordained.

Thanks to the unusual ritual she was subjected to and the fabric sewn into her back, Farah is unable to be resurrected. Unless the Party can figure something out, she’ll remain dead.
Dariel focused on maintinging her Wall of Force while Envilios helped (minorly) ward off the invaders. I didn’t really want to pilot two PCs without their players there, but hopefully next week they’ll provide a strong second wind to a wearing-down Easy Company.

Invasion of Berg: Breaking the Palebreaker
Breaking the Palebreaker

Fending off the invading crew of the Palebreaker, Easy Company on the Osprey gained distance from the enemy and unleashed their broadside cannons, scuttling the warship.

Having sustained massive damage from the last three ships it engaged, The Osprey was in need of repairs, so Easy Company made creative use of Control Water to create an enormous trench in the water to hide while they magically repaired it. Meanwhile, Xath and Billy stealthily boarded the Ordained and procured a powder keg, which was emptied in the ship’s fourth deck, the first deck below the waterline.

While there, they noted that not only was Lord-Commander Rialto still onboard, along with the demon-summoning trifling Carrion, but there were several ice statues of Rialto in various placed on the ship as well.

The session ended with Control Water timing out, causing the Osprey to rise from seemingly below the waves, on-course to face the Ordained. A loose plan was constructed that included using Wall of Force to shield part of the hull, and then approaching at such an angle that only that wall was facing the flagship, though this plan hasn’t been enacted yet.

This Wednesday (6/27) we’ll see if their gambit pays off, and if Easy Company can hold their own against one of the most powerful figures in Deksis’ army.


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